The Lady and the Unicorn

Ever since I watch the movie The Last Unicorn when I was a child, I’ve always loved these mythical creatures. The movie starts with an animation of a famous series of medieval tapestries called the Hunt of the Unicorn. That’s why I knew I couldn’t miss seeing the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries, a very similar work, dating from around the same time and place, that I found out were displayed at the Musée de Cluny, the Middle-Ages National Museum in Paris.

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Easter in Tepoztlán

Either if you are planning on traveling solo, or going on a family trip, Tepoztlán is one of the most entertaining destinations near Mexico City. People all over the world come here to have a nice time during the weekends and holidays, making it come alive.
If you like big town festivals, here’s a guide to enjoy the carnival on Easter weekend!

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Hiking in Bowen Island

If you are visiting Vancouver and you’re done with the city, Bowen Island is the perfect place for a day trip. It is located just 3km away from the lower mainland, only a twenty minutes ride on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay at West Vancouver. One great advantage about the ferry: it’s only $12 to get from the Mainland to the Island, but there’s no fee for the ride back!

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