Hiking in Bowen Island

If you are visiting Vancouver and you’re done with the city, Bowen Island is the perfect place for a day trip. It is located just 3km away from the lower mainland, only a twenty minutes ride on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay at West Vancouver. One great advantage about the ferry: it’s only $12 to get from the Mainland to the Island, but there’s no fee for the ride back!

Bowen Island has a little more than 3,000 residents, which makes it a peaceful destination to go swimming, kayaking, or hiking. The longest distance from one tip of the island to the other is 12 km, so if you wake up early, you’ll have the chance to see all of it in one day, though there are also cozy hotels if you feel like staying the night.
I left home with my boyfriend, Ryan, at 7:30 am from Downtown Vancouver, and by 9 am the ferry left us at Snug Cove.

None of the stores were open yet, so we got a coffee and hiked across the Island in no more than two hours. If you don’t feel like walking, there’s a bus that passes by the main street every hour, or you can get a ride from any of the locals. They are super friendly and often stopped to ask us how we were doing.
We got to Tunstall Bay, where there’s a beautiful rocky beach. I suppose it must be crowded in the summer, but it was empty at the time we arrived.

After lunch, we caught the little bus and headed back to Snug Cove. The bus left us at Artisan Square, where there are coffee shops, bakeries, clothing stores, crafts stores, and a delicious chocolate store. I don’t think are more than twenty, so you can visit them all  without worrying about the time, and each of them has unique items from local and international artisans.

We had an ice cream, took pictures at the lookout, and went to a delicious chocolate store called Cocoa West. I recommend you get their Unbelievably Good Egg Truffle; it’s everyone’s favorite 😉



Bowen Island Marina




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