Christmas lights

Hope you’ve had some happy holidays!
Here are some pictures of the Christmas decorations in Vancouver, and a little history about the Christmas lights.

This tradition has its origins long before Christianity. It started with the pagan Germanic peoples as part of their celebrations of Yule, the winter solstice, when they used to cut an oak tree and burn it at home, as a promise that the sun would be reborn next year.

Later on, Christians adopted and transformed Yule into Christmas. Now in Germany, instead of bringing a log and burning it in the fireplace, they brought an evergreen that represented the Trinity and decorated it with candles.
This tradition quickly spread across Europe and finally to America, becoming an important symbol of German immigration in the early 19th century.

But it was until 1882 that Edward H. Johnson, and inventor and business associate of Thomas Edison decorated a Christmas tree with electric light bulbs for the first time on December 22 as an advertisement plan. Though they were expensive at the beginning, and could only be afforded by upper-class families, thirty years later they would become an indispensable part of the Christmas tradition.



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