Watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon

The sun was still hidden when Jorge, our hot air balloon pilot, told me and my flight
companions to gather around him so he could explain to us the security procedures for
the ride. Silence reigned on the Mezquital Valley, located in the state of Hidalgo, México,
and we couldn’t hear a single sound apart from our voices.

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Camels, Trains, Taxis, and Buses: Surviving the Moroccan Roads

Morocco. Just the word takes me back to the exotic adventure I had that week of summer of vibrant colors and spicy smells. I miss the markets, the gardens, and now that we’re waking up to the 5°C  Canadian mornings, I miss the Moroccan sun SO MUCH! But while I find a chance to go back to that beautiful country, all I can do now is rejoice in the fantastic memories.

I’ve been reading a lot about other people’s trips to Morocco, and I’ve met a few people that have been there with whom I can exchange anecdotes about camping in the desert or exploring the market of Marrakesh. But it’s funny because until now, no one has talked to me about how getting into any vehicle in the country is an adventure itself.  I thought maybe sharing my experience would prepare you for your trip there, or at least make you laugh for a few minutes.

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Exciting new gifts

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry for not posting anything in the last few months, but I’m back now to keep sharing stories 🙂

Apart from that, I’m very excited to announce that I’ve created a new greeting card line with my travel and nature photography and so far, it’s doing great. So, I opened an Etsy page that you can check out in here. You’ll find all my collection in there and hopefully, in the near future, I’ll start printing larger canvases to hand around the house!

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The Road to the Sahara

After spending three days in Marrakesh, my friends and I took a trip to the Sahara.

There are dozens of people in the city’s downtown that offer to take you to the desert. However, we’d been warned about scams and overpricing, and decided to book in advance to avoid any trouble. A tour guide in Spain recommended us his friend, Ismail, who went to pick us up with Mohammed, his driver, early in the morning outside the walls of Marrakesh to take us in his van on our adventure to the Sahara Desert.

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Somewhere in La Mancha


On our trip to Spain, my friends and I got the chance to visit this small renaissance town called Consuegra, just half-an-hour away from Toledo. Unluckily, we didn´t have time to stay for the medieval fair that was happening a few days later, but the town was already set up for it, so we had the chance to enjoy the day on a charming medieval-themed downtown.

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The Eclectic Town of Sintra


Castle of the Moors

Sintra is a small town in the mountains of the Portuguese Riviera, just an hour away by train from Lisbon.
The first Celtic tribes to inhabit the region called the mountain range Cynthia, after the Greek goddess of the moon, and built a temple on one of the highest points to honor her. After the Roman occupation, the temple fell into ruins.
Later on, when the Moors arrived at the Iberic Peninsula, they Arabized the name into Zintara and built a castle above the ruins of the Celtic temple. Finally, the Christians conquered the region during the 12th Century, and only the Castle of the Moors remained on the top of the mountains.

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